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You’re probably wondering why I didn’t write a beautiful Earth Day post, asking all my readers to go out and plant a tree, or clean up the roads near your home, or even wash all your clothes in cold water. It’s not because I don’t think these are worthy activities. I do. It’s just that [...]

I am back from my first BlogHer, and let me tell you…it was quite an experience. It had to be, if I haven’t blogged for a whole week because I’ve been so busy. I never thought that I could so enjoy spending nearly 5 days with more than 1000 women, but I loved every second [...]

Image courtesy of I still haven’t gotten over the joy and elation of Obama’s presidential victory. I may never get over it. But now, I’m looking forward to the changes to come, particularly in terms of the environment and the economy. Congrats again, President-Elect Obama, and here are this week’s links: President Obama: Our [...]